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8 Helpful Tools to Monitor Classroom and Student Noise
Having trouble with a noisy classroom? Students too loud during center time? Take a look at these 8 classroom noise monitoring systems! Maybe one will be the answer to your prayers for a quiet workplace.

Using words of power to help grown the Growth Mindset in your classroom
The Growth Mindset is so important to your classroom. Fostering the Growth Mindset in your students is the best way to increase the love of learning and develop collaboration among your students. Read on to find out 23 powerful words that will help you cultivate the Growth Mindset in your classroom.
Putting an end to tattling in your classroom
Back to school is right around the corner and with it comes...dum dum dum...tattling! No matter what elementary grade you teach, kids tattle. A lot. Read on to find out my tried and true way to decrease the amount of tattling that goes on in your classroom!
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