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I have a super busy week!  Needing Friday to come quick!

Have you ever seen those huge lists of keyboard shortcuts?  

Just looking at one of those lists stresses me out.  How am I ever supposed to learn them all?  AND if I have to look up the shortcut every time I have to use it, how would that save me any time? Who knew that "shortcuts" could be so overwhelming and time consuming?

I wish I could take credit for this tip, but, of course, like the good teacher that I am, I have "borrowed" it from a technology class I had on Microsoft Excel.  The instructor handed out a sheet of about 100 or so keyboard "shortcuts" and then gave us this tip on how to learn them all.  Yes, my friends, I did say ALL.  And the tip is soooo simple ...

Write 3 keyboard shortcuts on sticky note.
Stick the note to your monitor.

Leave it there until you have learned those shortcuts and they become automatic.
Remove the learned shortcuts' sticky note.
Replace it with a sticky note with 3 new shortcuts.
Continue the cycle until you have learned all of the keyboard shortcuts!


Linking up with my favorite blog, Teaching Trio, for the Sunday Scoop!  I may be a teensy- weensy bit partial since I am part of the Trio! Ha!  I absolutely love our new linky!

Here is my scoop for the week.  I hope I do better than I did last week on moving down my list and checking items off!

Here's hoping you have a great week.

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I am linking up today with Teaching Trio and our Sunday Scoop!

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