Sunday Scoop 9/14/14

Linking up with my favorite blog, Teaching Trio, for the Sunday Scoop!  I may be a teensy- weensy bit partial since I am part of the Trio! Ha!  I absolutely love our new linky!

Here is my scoop for the week.  I hope I do better than I did last week on moving down my list and checking items off!

Here's hoping you have a great week.

Go on over to Teaching Trio and link up with your list of haves, hopes, and happy to's!


  1. You can never fill up enough on Jesus right? We aren't able to go to church today though due to 3/4 of us being sick :( I started a new cleaning plan last week and our house has never stayed so clean throughout the week!!! I clean one room a day and then pick up the other rooms. Saturday I was able to create and rest because the house stayed clean! Whoohoo! Try it out :)

  2. I too need to go to bed in a time manner. I'm such a night owl, but dread having to wake up so early and not having enough sleep. Hope you have a great week! :)

    First Grade Shashay

  3. Poptarts are a fine breakfast...fruit filling and carbs...I figure the frosted ones must have some dairy in them, right? It doesn't matter when I go to bed, I still am way tired regardless.

  4. I often say up too late and then I'm tired. That's because no matter what time I go to be I still get up early, 5am. I can never get my entire house clean at one time. I have 3 boys, a husband and 3 dogs in my house. It seems as soon as one area is clean and I move on to the next, something happens where I just cleaned. So now I don't stress and figure it will all work out. My kids have grown immune to benefit! Filling up with the Lord is always the best way to start the week off!

    Luv My Kinders


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