I am always looking for ways to establish routines and procedures in my classroom at the beginning of school. I have compiled a master list of classroom routines!

Classroom routines and procedures are paramount for a successful classroom! You have to think through your day and anticipate each and every routine or procedure. Then you have to teach them to your students. To help you get started, I have collected some routines and procedures you may need!
What is Growth Mindset? How will changing my students' mindset affect my teaching in my elementary classroom?

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Growth Mindset! Wait? What? Yep, you heard me...it's Growth Mindset! Growth Mindset is riding to the rescue of students everywhere! Always on the lookout for truth and justice, Growth Mindset is using amazing powers to give hope to fledgling students in a classroom near you!
Do you depend on technology in your classroom? Does your teacher heart tremble when technology fails?

Do you depend on technology in your classroom? Are you using computers, tablets, projectors, SMARTboards, and more? Have you embraced technology? Do you use it everyday? If so, your heart probably shudders when the electricity blinks just like mine!
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