8 Helpful Tools to Monitor Classroom and Student Noise
Having trouble with a noisy classroom? Students too loud during center time? Take a look at these 8 classroom noise monitoring systems! Maybe one will be the answer to your prayers for a quiet workplace.

Using words of power to help grown the Growth Mindset in your classroom
The Growth Mindset is so important to your classroom. Fostering the Growth Mindset in your students is the best way to increase the love of learning and develop collaboration among your students. Read on to find out 23 powerful words that will help you cultivate the Growth Mindset in your classroom.
Putting an end to tattling in your classroom
Back to school is right around the corner and with it comes...dum dum dum...tattling! No matter what elementary grade you teach, kids tattle. A lot. Read on to find out my tried and true way to decrease the amount of tattling that goes on in your classroom!
10 Powerful Benefits to Collaborating With Other Teachers
More and more educators are being encouraged to collaborate with colleagues. And more and more school systems are rolling out initiatives to increase their teachers' collaboration time and skills. Collaboration has become the battle cry for the 21st century teaching model. Here are 10 powerful benefits to collaboration.
10 Powerful Reasons to Keep Track of Your Classroom Read Alouds
It is important to keep track of the books you have read in your classroom! Posting the books you have already read as a class, helps teach literacy skill that are essential to budding readers. An easy way to track the books you have read is to create a Classroom Book Shelf!
CK-12.org can be helpful for teaching math in the elementary classroom
Math support is always needed! Students usually need some extra practice in whatever we are learning. Whether they are in 1st grade or 8th, or learning adding or algebra, students need math help and support. Let's check out the website CK-12 for math!
I love Mother's Day! What a great time to show our moms that we love them! And what better way to show that love than with a Mother's Day gift that will be cherished. This Mother's Day craft is not your typical potted flower.
I love Mother's Day! What a great time to show our moms that we love them! And what better way to show that love than with a Mother's Day gift that will be cherished. This Mother's Day craft is not your typical potted flower.
a list of the 16 best reading websites for elementary students
Looking for a way to integrate reading and technology? Check out these great reading websites! Your kiddos will be engaged, having fun, and READING!
Get your smile on! So many reasons to smile!

Why smile? Well, smiles are free. They cost nothing. But smiles give BIG returns on that free investment! There are so many benefits to smiling! Smiling can change your outlook and change how people view you. Smiles pack a great big punch! Get ready to put that smile on!
Teaching students how to take standardized tests
It is that time of the year again! Testing, assessments, and data, oh my! It's the time of year that we test our students on standardized assessments. I know it is stressful.
Gigantic list of St. Patrick's Day Resources for the classroom teacher

St. Patrick's Day is usually filled with fun activities since every classroom needs a little bit of luck now and then...Here is an enormous collection of some great St. Patrick's Day resources for your students to enjoy as we approach the holiday.
Humor and laughter in the classroom are great tools to get students learning!
You have probably heard the old adage that "laughter is the best medicine". And you may have heard that laughter burns calories. (Yes!) But have you heard that laughter is good in the classroom? It is!
Using an electric pressure cooker to cook meals on the run
Ever wondered how to cook meals quickly? Ever wished you could have a home-cooked meal every night? Try out the electric pressure cooker! This sweet kitchen device helps keep this teacher-TPTer- mom fed!
A list of time saving apps for teachers
Where does all the time go? Most teachers scurry about and never seem to have enough time. Although phones, tablets, and devices can suck you into a time wasting vortex, they can also be a teacher's lifeline for time management. Check out these time-saving apps!
Guide to using the app and website Epic!
Looking for an engaging way to get students reading? Have you tried Epic!? This website is an awesome way to get reluctant readers excited about reading! It is also a fantastic way to get books into students' hands and get them reading!
Using Google to find answers to problems
Do you struggle when you get stuck on the computer? Error messages get you frustrated? Wish you had a computer tech person in your household? Never fear! You do have a technical guru right at the tip of your fingertips! His (or her) name is Google!
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