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Guide to using the app and website Epic!
Looking for an engaging way to get students reading? Have you tried Epic!? This website is an awesome way to get reluctant readers excited about reading! It is also a fantastic way to get books into students' hands and get them reading!

What is Epic!

Epic! gives you access access to thousands of high-quality children's books for elementary students. The site/app has fiction and nonfiction books. And books of every level! Books range from Brown Bear, Brown Bear to Big Nate.

There is no need to purchase and download individual books. Students get access to the books right at their fingertips- all within the website.

Epic! has books, audio books, and educational videos. New books and videos are added each week.

Epic! offers each student personalized recommendations. The more each child reads, the more the recommendations match a student's interests.

The Epic! software and apps are available on the Web, iOS, and Android devices. Although Epic! streams content with an internet connection, you can save a book for offline reading from the mobile app versions.

Registering for an Account

Educators get a free account! Very easy to sign up and get started.


Creating Student Profiles

Go to your educators dashboard and click "Create A Profile." Add in the student's name and then click "Create Profile".

You can also include a parent's email. Parents will receive an email letter for a free 30 trial. After the 30 days, however, it will cost parents $4.99 a month- well worth the price to have access to so many books.


Checking Students' Progress

Teachers can access their students' reading logs. You can quickly see each book students have read, how long they spent reading the book, and how many pages were flipped through! No hiding here! No one can say they read a book when they didn't!


Find videos on Getting started, creating student profiles, logging students in, reading logs, and badges and avatars HERE.
Easy start guide for using the literacy website and app Epic!

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