Google to the Rescue!

Using Google to find answers to problems
Do you struggle when you get stuck on the computer? Error messages get you frustrated? Wish you had a computer tech person in your household? Never fear! You do have a technical guru right at the tip of your fingertips! His (or her) name is Google!

I am an Education Technologist. I get called in to help classrooms on a daily basis. I am about to let you in on one of my trade secrets... Google!

Google is my best friend whenever I don't know the answer to a computer question or how to fix a computer error. I promise you that someone somewhere has had the very same issue you are having. AND they have taken that question to the web. People from all over the world have helped try to answer that very question you have.

No need to call expensive technical support! No need to run to the Geek Squad for help! And no, we don't go get a book at Books-A-Million to do research. All you have to do is "Google" it.

Type in your question like you are talking to a real computer expert, hit search, and watch the results roll in!

The other day I was called into a class that had a SMARTboard emergency. The projector bulb was purple and the SMARTboard was projecting a purple hue to everything. The kiddos couldn't read the math problem that they were working on. My teacher friend was frazzled. I had no clue what was wrong. Was is the bulb going out? Was it the projector?

I "Googled" it. I typed in smarboard bulb is projecting purple.  I hit the first Google response and found my answer. It was just a loose cord!

Using Google to find answers to problems

Here are some tips for getting help!

Keep it Simple

Did you notice how when I searched for the SMARTbulb problem that I didn't use a complete sentence? Google likes it when you keep it simple. Take out all the extra words and only type in the pertinent information. This is a tip for all searches. Looking for a restaurant? Don't type in What restaurants are near here? but type in restaurants near Clarksville. Google likes it when you cut to the chase!

Gradually Add Search Words

Start simple and then, if you still don't have your answer, gradually add search words.

First Try: slow computer
Second Try: fixing slow computer
Third Try: how to fix a slow computer

Word Choice

Websites use professional terms that sometimes do not match how regular people talk. Use words that a website would use. Instead of searching for computer acting up. Search for slow computer. Instead of searching for how do I make my computer safe. Search for computer security or safeguarding my computer.

Use Quotes

Using quotation marks is a Google search trick. This is helpful when you have a specific error. Go to the Google search bar and type in the error message (same words in the same order) surrounded by quotation marks.You will receive search results that contain that specific phrase.

Discussion Boards

I find a lot of help in discussion boards. Usually, someone like you or me, has already posted our question. Helpful computer techie people have responded with possible solutions and fixes. You can scroll down the responses and see what worked and what didn't.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are an exceptional help when you have computer trouble such as a slow acting computer or security questions. Type in a search for Google such as "fixing a slow computer". A list of blog posts will pop up to give you help.

Using Google to find answers to problems

Remember that help is right at the tip of your fingers! Google it!

Using Google to find answers to problems

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