16 Fabulous Reading Websites

a list of the 16 best reading websites for elementary students
Looking for a way to integrate reading and technology? Check out these great reading websites! Your kiddos will be engaged, having fun, and READING!

I am always on the look-out for new websites to engage my students. I love finding new ones that connect reading and literacy!

Here is a list of some of my favorite reading websites!


Never before has there been so many books at our fingertips! Epic! acts as a digital library for students offering thousands of books for K-5 students. Epic! offers personalized book recommendations based on what students have already read. A free reading resource for the classroom!

Between the Lions

Games, stories, and video clips based on the popular children's show of the same name on PBS.

Roy the Zebra 

This site has games, stories, literacy worksheets, and more all designed to help children read. It features Roy the Singing Zebra as a 9 part guiding reading story about Roy's escape from the worst zoo.

Grammar Ninja 

Grammar Ninja focuses on, well, grammar. You can play the game as a beginner ninja, skilled ninja, or a master ninja. My kiddos love this game!


Starfall's focus is on beginning readers. It teaches basic reading and writing skills, including phonics, by utilizing videos and games.

Read Write Think 

Read Write Think is a huge website with tons of resources! The best activities for students are the student interactives. Students can create poems, contrast maps, letters, comprehension cubes, and so much more!

Storyline Online 

Children's books are read to students by well-known actors. Students click on the video and instantly can have a book read to them.

Bitesize (English) 

The English portion of Bitesize has the areas of reading, writing, and spelling and grammar. Students can play games, read, watch videos and take quizzes on various literacy topics.

Mighty Book

Mighty Book has books, comics, songs, and games. Some of the content is original and some is based on classics such as Beatrix Potter stories. I love that everything is illustrated, animated and read aloud for students. Some lesson plans and quizzes are also included.

Into the Book 

Love that this website is broken down into skills such as summarizing, visualizing, making connections, inferring and more! Students can either enter their name or skip the sign in altogether.


I know this is basically a writing website, but, I am a firm believer that reading and writing go hand-in-hand. This site is great for motivating those reluctant readers and writers. Students can use the the picture library to illustrate their own stories!

Turtle Diary 

Turtle Diary's theme is Play. Learn. Practice. Repeat! Under Educational Games and Activities for Kids, click the "more" arrow to discover all of the games.This site has math games, science games, and of course, the language arts games. Students can pick a specific skill and there will be multiple games to teach that skill.

Giggle Poetry 

This site has hundreds of poems to read and rate. Kids can rate poems with the Giggle Meter! Fun site to get kids reading and interacting about what they read.

Internet 4 Classrooms 

This site gives a huge amount of links! I usually go to "Grade Level Help". Then you can choose your grade level. You will have the choices of "Skill Builders", "Current Standards", or "Prior Standards". Each of these is further broken down into Language Arts, Math, and sometimes Science and Social Studies. Absolutely tons of resources! Although this site is not as child friendly as some, it does allow you to "drill" down to specific skills!


This is one of my favorites! Everyday the site introduces a Wonder of the Day. For example, Wonder of the Day #1315 is "What is in Toothpaste?" Students can read about what is in toothpaste, look at pictures, and even watch a video. Students can then post a comment to join the discussion about toothpaste. The text has vocabulary words that are highlighted and sometimes linked to other articles. I especially like that students can submit a question to the Wonder Bank.


I know that there are a few student news sites out there- Time for Kids and Scholastic News Online are some of the bigger ones. I am choosing to put Newsela on this list because I feel it is top of the line. Newsela lets students choose the reading level (or Lexile) for the article they are reading. Readers that are struggling can still get the same information but at a level they can understand. AND the site has reading comprehension quizzes for students!

a list of the 16 best reading websites for elementary students

That's is for my list! Do you have some more great reading websites to add?

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