Get Your Smile On!

Get your smile on! So many reasons to smile!

Why smile? Well, smiles are free. They cost nothing. But smiles give BIG returns on that free investment! There are so many benefits to smiling! Smiling can change your outlook and change how people view you. Smiles pack a great big punch! Get ready to put that smile on!

I am an educational technologist. So in my job, I get to visit many classrooms. I see so many examples of great teaching! Teachers are working so hard! Papers to grade, lessons to teach, copies to make...Lessons, Grades, and Copies, Oh My! And students are, for the most part, engaged and going about the business of learning.

One thing I have noticed, though, is that we teachers get so busy with the business of teaching that we forget one very important element...we forget to SMILE!

I know that teaching is hard.

I know that teaching is stressful.

I also know that teaching is serious know, the future in our hands and all...

But a smile...a smile would make our workday just a little bit more bearable...just a little bit less stressful and maybe, just maybe, a little bit less weighty.

Reasons to Smile 

Smiling makes your appear more attractive. 

Ever asked anyone to "smile" when you take their picture? I know you have! Why ask them to smile? Because they look better!

Smiling can make you happy! 

We can actually trick the brain into thinking something is enjoyable just by smiling. Smiling sends an, "I'm happy!" message to your brain. Even a forced smile works! Fake it until you make it!

Smiling can make others happy! 

Smiling is contagious! If you smile, they will smile back! Smile at your students and they will smile back at you!

Smiling helps you relieve stress. 

Smiles do this by reducing your anxiety symptoms. This I need to remember!

Smiling makes you more approachable. 

Think about this one in regards to your students. If you are smiling at your students, you become more approachable. Your kiddos will be more willing to come to you for help and guidance. Your smile conveys a "door's always open" policy to your students.

Smiling makes you appear trustworthy. 

You appear more credible when you smile. Smiling in your classroom sends the message to your students that you can be trusted.

Smiling boosts productivity. 

If you smile, you feel better. If you feel better, you are more productive. Imagine what we could accomplish if all of our students are smiling.

Smiling makes you more confident. 

Okay...let's think this through. I smile. I feel better. I'm feeling better so then I work better. I am now more productive. I am smiling more and people begin to smile back at me. My stress is decreasing because I am smiling and more productive. I now become more confident because I am doing well. Which all leads to more smiling! It's a cycle!

Smiles are FREE! 

All these benefits for FREE!

The Smile Cycle 

The smile cycle: the benefits of smilling

Here's the cycle for our students. The more we smile at our students, the more they smile back. They smile back at us so, therefore, their anxiety is decreasing. They are feeling better. They are becoming more productive. They are happier. They keep smiling. They become more confident. Our students have transformed into confident, productive, and happy individuals! All from a smile!

Get your smile on! So many reasons to smile!

Don't forget to get your smile on!

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