Favorite Times in the School Day

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Here are a few of my favorite parts of my school day!

I love, love, love saying, "Good morning!" to my kiddos at the door of my classroom.  I am a master at the "half-hug". A few of my students don't really get into the hug and that is fine too.  They can give me a high- five or just a "Good morning." This really sets a happy tone for the day.  

There is not much I like more than reading.  I am an absolute book hoarder.  I read all of the time. And nothing makes me more happy than sharing that love of reading with my students.  I adore reading to them.  I want to make the books come alive and embrace us in their pages.  Always puts me in a good mood!

Teaching small groups is how I like to teach.  I feel like I get to know my students better and that they, in turn, learn more.  It makes teaching more personal and makes it much easier to differentiate. Sign, I wish I had time in my day to teach all subjects this way...

What are a few of your favorite times in your school day?


  1. I love saying Good Morning to students when I was a teacher's aide. I love your blog.


  2. I love small groups too!!! I stand by the door and greet my kiddos as they walk in the room, but I love the afternoon when I give high-fives, hand-shakes, hugs. I give lots of half-hugs too. I am fairly short and some of my 5th graders are taller than me. The half-hug is perfect.

  3. If I could teach in small groups ALL DAY, that would be ideal for me. You know they are paying attention, learning, and focused ---at least for a while!
    On the Go Teacher Mama


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