Favorite Things: Favorite TV Show of ALL Time

Linking up with Teaching Trio today for A Few of My Favorite Things linky.  

I am on summer break so this is kind of indicative of where my mind is: Favorite T.V. shows of all time!

What are your favorites?


  1. I LOVE Walking Dead, and of course, Friends is such a classic!!! Have you ever watched Parenthood?? It's my very favorite...makes me cry every.single.time!! :)

  2. Are We There Yet?
    I couldn't handle the Walking Dead - I tried though:) Friends I love. I watched the whole series with my 16 year old daughter as well. We loved it! We also went through all of the Parks and Recreation series. Fun things to share:)

  3. Friends is a good show that never gets old! I still laugh when I watch the reruns. Survivor is a show that can change how one looks at the world and food.

    Third Grade Whimsy

  4. Friends is still a winner in my book!

  5. I love Survivor.... Have you watched The Island this summer? It's put a good spin on teamwork and doing something for the sole purpose of surviving. It's been pretty good -- no where close to Survivor status. Right now, I'm in Big Brother mode! I love a good reality TV show!

    My Shoe String Life

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