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It's that time again! Back to school time! I have already been back to school for a week. Yep. Started back on July 27th for training and kiddos start tomorrow. Already had Open House! Yikes! Where did the summer go?

I want to share my number one seller with you.  It is perfect for starting the year. The 5 B's is a product designed to reduce tattling and having the teacher solve every little problem. It really works! Students learn to bring only the most important issues to the teacher: bleeding, broken bones, bullying, being sick, and bee stings.  When my students come up to me at recess, for example, I hold up my 5 fingers and ask if what they are about to tell me is one of the 5 B's. Usually they just turn around and go back to playing! 

The blue one is my original but I wanted to add a splash of color.  The red is hanging in my room right now!


My newest product is why I am so excited to start the new year! I have been reading  Carol Dweck's research and book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. I started thinking about my students and their mindsets. I see so many students that fall give up so easily. They don't try new things. They back away from challenges. How can I help them? Ahhhhaaaaa! Teach them about the Growth Mindset! Teach them that effort goes hand-in-hand with success, that learning comes from mistakes and errors, and that they just can't YET!

I came up with a plan- start the year off training my students in the growth mindset. I plan to teach my class about each mindset and why we need to have the growth mindset. I also want to instruct them in what I feel are the "tenets" of a growth mindset.

Growing a Healthy Classroom Mindset is designed to cover at least 20 days of instruction. Teachers introduce the basic knowledge concerning mindsets and brain research. They then present a growth mindset statement each day. Discuss the statement and what it means. As each statement is covered, add the accompanying poster to a bulletin board to create an inspiring display that can be referred to throughout the year. Introduce concepts with a PowerPoint, posters, and student handouts.

Another product you might need for the beginning of the year is my playground and recess SAFETY rules. Check it out in my TPT store!

I am off to fill up my TPT cart! Don't forget to shop on TPT during the sale and use the code BTS15 to get the most savings!

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  1. Thanks for linking up. You have some great resources that teachers will love!

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