Top 10 Christmas Websites for Students

Top 10 Christmas Websites for students
Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. Teachers, however, have loads of trouble keeping their students focused. Students want to spend their time on wishes and wants instead of reading and math. Sometimes there are benefits to just going with the holiday flow- especially that last week right before Christmas break. What better way to flow with the holiday spirit than with some cool
Christmas websites?
Here is a list of some of the best Christmas websites.

Norad Tracks Santa

No Christmas website list is complete without the Norad Santa tracking site. I love that new games are unlocked on each day of December! It is like an awesome game Advent
calendar. Music, movies, stories, and games...this site has it all! I also think the Norad Headquarters is super cool!

This one is my personal favorite! You can fill out an email to Santa. It is so easy to do since they have a form for you to fill out. It has blanks for your name, how old you are, and what you are wishing for. But here is the cool send it off and then just a minute or so later, you get a personalized
reply from Santa. Students can practice those reading skills! The site also has a naughty or nice list, games, songs and more.

This site has so much to see and do. It has a Naughty or Nice section, a Reindeer Barn, Sing-a-Longs, Elf School, and so much more! Lots for our kiddos to explore.

Reindeer Live Cams

What kid doesn't want to watch the reindeer? I know I do! Here are a couple of sites to watch reindeer live.

The naughty and nice list has a quiz for the kids to take to see which side of the list they fall on.
The site has stories and lots of information for kiddos to read and learn from. I like that is has a choice on some of the stories that you can read it yourself or listen to the story.

I love that this site gives answers to our Christmas questions. Why do we have Christmas trees? What is Santa's first name? How is Christmas celebrated in other countries? Great site for some Christmas research!

This site has a way to email Santa. It also has information on Christmas in different countries.My favorite part of this site is the sing-a-long Christmas Carols!

North Pole Times

North Pole Times is patterned after a newspaper. There are many "articles" written by the "staff" such as Elvin Elf. Lots of highly interesting articles for students to read. The site has recipes, a naughty and nice list, and a way to email Santa. 

You can watch some full length videos on this site. It also has games, trivia, songs, and more.
My favorite part is that you can submit random acts of kindness to be shared right on the web page. You can read what other kindness acts have been done and also
comment on them. Very cool!

This site has a cool Advent Calendar, recipes, songs, and e-cards you can send to others. Make sure kiddos know to click the menu circles at the top of the page since some
of the ads are in easy places for kids to click.

I couldn't help but try out a naughty and nice list. said I was " nice, but has naughty lapses."  HA! That's about right!
Top 10 Christmas Websites for students

Merry Christmas!

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